The 2024 Experience Perspective

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Four Fundamental Themes to Unlock Transformational Change

  • Connecting the dots between experience, quality, safety, and equity because alignment is the key to accelerating progress.
  • Getting strategic about accountability by building a culture that supports the frontline.
  • Amplifying consumer and community voices to surface and address needs.
  • Advancing Human Understanding because leading health systems have unlocked significant growth in likelihood to recommend with strategies to treat every person they serve as unique.

Detractors: Healthcare’s Misunderstood Stakeholder

Our data paint a picture of Detractors - patients least likely to recommend the health organization they utilized.
If you want to create a Detractor, the best ways are:

  • Don’t give enough information about treatment
  • Erode trust in providers
  • Don’t encourage input in care decisions

The good news is our data also show there is a clear path to turning Detractors into your biggest Promoters.

Five Key Experience Trends to Watch in 2024

We’ll explore evolving trends you can't afford to ignore:

  • Emerging concerns impacting safety, loyalty, and volume
  • Implications for brand preference
  • Engaging communities and consumers for solutions