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NRC Health 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report

The global pandemic surrounding COVID-19 and its variants has caused healthcare organizations to quickly learn that transformational change is necessary to meet demand and move the industry forward. And while many hospitals and health systems have shown they can be flexible despite catastrophic loss, the pandemic has shone a light on how necessary consumer-driven improvements and a better patient experience are to continued survival and growth.

COVID-19’s aftermath continues to influence consumers’ trust and engagement with healthcare. The future of healthcare, while uncertain, will focus heavily on personalizing consumers’ experiences—and those organizations that lead with empathy and Human Understanding to engage patients will be more than ready to meet any unforeseen challenges.

Encouraging news awaits organizations that have embraced the fact that the only constant in life is change. With a change mindset, healthcare leaders can find creative solutions to engage more with consumers and patients and increase healthcare recall and brand awareness. The NRC Health 2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report, compiled from over 2 million patient comments gained from feedback surveys and insights from more than 310,000 American households in 300 markets in our Market Insights database, reveals:

  • The latest on healthcare deferment, and when you can expect consumers to return
  • The single most significant factor driving mental-health hospitalizations
  • The best specialty areas in which to focus telehealth efforts—and which to leave alone
  • When to step up advertising efforts to promote services and provide resources
  • Strategies to demonstrate patients’ unique needs and preferences to build trust
  • PLUS! NRC Health’s six Human Understanding imperatives for strengthening your commitment to consumers

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