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NRC Health 2021 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report

COVID-19 was the defining event of 2020. Its social, economic, and political consequences have been so profound and so far-reaching that it may be years before we fully comprehend them. The future of healthcare has never seemed so uncertain. 

Encouraging news, however, awaits organizations willing to evolve with the times. Consumers are eager to find constructive partners in their wellness, and traditional health systems remain the best-positioned entities to take advantage of the trend. All they need are the willingness to act and the understanding to know where to direct their efforts. 

To that end, the NRC Health 2021 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report can lend some insight. Gleaned from millions of data points across more than 300,000 American households, the report captures an evolving snapshot of consumer sentiment, both before and during the pandemic caused the country to pivot in ways we didn’t think were possible.

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Healthcare 2021: Trends and Predictions
Even in the midst of a pandemic, the shift towards healthcare consumerism is accelerating. The status quo was already on the verge of obsolescence, but today it’s all but unsustainable. As the industry moves into a new year and looks to strategize for the future, NRC Health's 2021 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report will deliver to you an evolving image of consumer sentiment throughout the pandemic. This year’s report drew from two voluminous datasets: 2+ million patient comments drawn from feedback surveys, and more than 300,000 responses from NRC Health’s Market Insights database. Watch this webinar recording to learn about key findings from our research, understand the trends shaping the industry today, and hear how organizational leaders have cause to be optimistic.