NRC Health Sales Career Scholarship Program

NRC Health/Center for Sales Excellence

The NRC Health Sales Career Scholarship (Sales Career Scholarship) is an opportunity for minority students with sales potential to obtain a Certificate in Sales Excellence from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. The scholarship is renewable if the recipient is a member of the Center for Sales Excellence (CSE) Certificate program and maintains a 3.0 or higher GPA within the CSE. The Sales Career Scholarship was created to encourage minority students to pursue a career in sales. One scholarship recipient is selected per academic year.

All recipients must be:

  • A racially or ethnically diverse student
  • Admitted (or application in process) to the University of Nebraska’s Center for Sales Excellence
  • Interested in and show an aptitude for a career in sales
  • In good academic standing
  • US citizens or hold a permanent resident visa card

How much is the scholarship worth?

Sales Career Scholarship recipients receive up to the full in-state tuition amount for a Certificate in Sales Excellence from UNL once admitted into the program. For 2023, the tuition for this 12-credit hour program (entry level MKT 257 class not included) is $3,800. NRC Health will support an additional three credit hours if a recipient chooses to obtain an Advanced Sales Certificate.

How is the scholarship paid?

The scholarship recipient will submit a class schedule listing the registration of CSE curriculum to NRC Health once every semester. Upon confirmation, NRC Health will distribute funds directly to the UNL Bursar’s office. Class attendance will be confirmed by CSE faculty and if the student withdraws from the class, funds will be reduced accordingly for the following semester.

When are applications due?

Applications are due October 20, 2023. Students will receive an award notification by December 1, 2023.

Please note: This scholarship is not a stackable scholarship for recipients of the Nebraska Promise Scholarship.

Apply here.